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Some examples of recent projects. Please click on images to see gallery!
Wetland Mapping, Site Planning, Permit Applications, Relocating historic bridge
Bridge Location and Permitting
Warner, NH


A project we were proudly involved with was the historic Pingree Bridge. This project ultimately relocated the historic bridge from Salisbury to Warner. Our contributions included: mapping the wetland, assisting the engineer in preparing site plans, as well as all federal and state require permit applications

Handicap Accessible Boat Ramp
Lake Umbagog, Errol, NH


In 2010 we helped the Lake Umbagog National Wildlife Refuge in designing a handicap accessible dock. After our completion of the design and permits, Lake Umbagog National Wildlife Refuge was able to replace the three primitive existing ramps and consolidate traffic to their new handicap accessible ramp!

Lake Umbagog, Design, Permits, Waterfront Site Assessment
Wetland Design, Wetland Permitting, Site Planning, Culvert Replacement
Cross Country Running and Ski Trail
Bow High School, Bow, NH


Since 1994 we have actively been involved with the Bow School District, having been involved in the preliminary planning of Bow High School, focusing on the wetland design and permitting process. Since then we have worked with the school district on athletic fields redesign, culvert replacements, and presently a cross country skiing and running trail through the property. This trail will be the home-course for both Nordic Ski races and Cross Country races. Specifically, this project involved the mapping of jurisdictional wetlands and working cooperatively with the school on layout and location to avoid wetland impacts. In one location a bridge was constructed to cover an existing wetland. Currently, we are designing phase two of this project, extending and tying the new trail to the existing trail. 

Re-establishment of Prior Drainage Pattern
Lake Sunapee, Newbury, NH


Our clients purchased a tear down home on Lake Sunapee. The problem: An existing drainage way had been moved decades prior and now ran directly under the house, limiting where we could place the proposed home. The Solution: Relocate the drainage way to its prior location, with a design focusing on cleaning runoff prior to reaching Lake Sunapee. More photographs to come!

Wildlife Pond Design
Columbia, NH


Our client was looking for a wildlife pond for his camp in Columbia NH. The pond is designed to attract wildlife and to be stocked with fish for sport. It has tied in well with the supporting local landscape!

Site Planning, Landscape Design, Septic Design, Shoreland Permit, Waterfront Planning
Portfolio: Landscape and Site Plans
New Hampshire


We will compile examples of our design work into an online portfolio.​ Please click the image to the right to browse some our latest designs!

Site Planning, Landscape Design, Septic Design, Shoreland Permit, Waterfront Planning
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